Custom Made-to-Order Cast Alloy Wheels and Rims
Custom Made-to-Order Alloy Wheels and Rims
Reimagining The Wheel
Satisfying Your Preferences

Jindun offers you with highly sophisticated wheels to fulfill your requirements regarding lightweight, performance, safety and appearance.

  • Lightweight

    Our wheels are made of high grade aluminum alloy that is light in weight, providing fast speed while ensuring strong load bearing capacity.

  • Performance

    Our wheels have a long service life, excellent corrosion resistance, and are simple to clean and maintain thanks to integral casting production technique.

  • Safety

    Our cast aluminum alloy wheels are incredibly stable and robust, delivering a longer service life and higher speed adaptability.

  • Appearance

    Our wheels are available in a huge variety of styles for you to choose from, and customization service can also be offered for your preferred appearance.

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About Jindun
Professional Manufacturer of Cast Alloy Wheels Since 1993
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Established in 1993, Taizhou Jindun Machinery Co. is a trustworthy enterprise with a focus on the design and production of aluminum alloy wheels and rims. Our aluminum wheels are great for motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, trikes, and dune buggies. These products can be customized according to size and style, fulfilling the personalization needs of customers.

Jindun employs an experienced technical team made up of industry experts and we have over 100 experienced employees, 5 of whom are technical engineers. Our R&D department allows us to design and manufacture products based on the individual requirements of customers. We specialize in providing custom and aftermarket wheels and rims, so we understand that these customers are looking for a high degree of quality. Our advantage lies in the capacity of our factory and the precision of our equipment.

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Our team of experts is always committed to constantly improving our products and service, and strives to deliver on our commitment. Our customers worldwide have given our products and service high praise.